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To the Assistant Adjutant-General.
Coorg Field Force.
Sin,-I do myself the honor lo ac- quaint you for tho information of Bri- gadier Lindesay.C.B. Commanding the Coorg Field Force, that the Column un- der my command pursuing its mnrch yesterday came upon a strongly fortified position (Buck) of the Enemy situated on the brow of a steep ascent, the pas- sage to which, a narrow Defile (through a dense jungle) was obstructed by felled
The defile being impassable to Artil- lery until the position should bo carried, the *advance was strengthened and divided into two parties, with instruc-
tions to make a sufficient detour on each Flank to take the position in reverse ; from the density of tho Jungle and not having view of the work, the two par- ties closed to the centre much sooner than was desirable and met at the same moment, immediately opposite to the front of the position from which a most destructive fire was opened upon them, that did not however deter them from
rushing to the assault, which proving
wholly unsuccessful they took acTian t.ig-c ol' the best cover that circumstan- ces would admit, and the Conimandin<» Officer Major Bird M<nt for A leinlorce ment and further uwii uclions, I directed an addition of 40 Europeans ,md 100 Native Infantry, willi the lem.imder of the S.ipp-rs and Miners to be imme- diately lorwarded for this purpose Lieutenant Colonel Mill was directed to Detack the Europeans instead of which he headed thom hmisclf and vvn¡» followed by the whole detachment
who p«issed nnpnceived into the Wood and made the best of their way lo the position. Major Bird was directed to use his utmost endjavour to c.irry the position, but should it be found imprac- ticable to withdraw-His repoi 11, here-
with enclosed.
The circumshncc of the whole of the Europeans hiving thus írregul.uly been taken to the assault, which 1 have not failed to notice in such manner as to prevent the rociu renee ol' any future deviation from orders while it esta- blishes beyond a doubt, the impregna- bility of the Euen))'s position, smca nothing could ex coed the delei mined gallantry ol' the endeavour, deprived me of the means ot pursuing any further measures at the ti.iu, li ni theie beena prospect of success fiom my do ng so.
During the attack ihe Line although placed under the best co\oi that uicum stanccs would admit, at the opening to the defile was exposed to a gilling fire from the Jungle, which the sk rmishers or Artillery could not keep under, oc- casioning considerable Io s.
When the advmce ivt red fiom ths assault after an endeavour lasted four and a half hours, the Enemy gave a shout of victory, an lncieasing hro was kept up from the Wood-,; 1 made such disposition of the Column as ena- bled it to reine to the ground it quitted in the morning distant two mid a half miles, without any loss of stoics or bag
1 regret to sa} the loss Ins been most severe, a Return of which shall bo lianwniUcd as soon as it can be correctly ascerl mied-Lieutenant Colonel Mill, His IW.i|ist}'s R»gt Ensign Robert- son of the 0th Regt N I Lusign Ba- bington ¿1st Regiment T. L I killed, and 0 Olheeis wounded, the Adjutant ot (ho 55th tegimeiU scicie'y
'Hie *o\oiely wounded could not possible be remo\ed from the postion, an attempt to bring ofl the body ot
Lietitcn mt Colonel Mill entuely failed, two of the camels being killed
1 hue the honot tobe, ile
G. WAUGH. Colonel.
Comg, Northern Column Coorg
Field Force.
Camp at Cubbuttah,dth April, 1834.


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