Maharaja Duleep Singh

Princess Victoria Gowramma
Veerarajendra, the King (exiled) of Coorg, and his daughter Gowramma, were the first Indian royals to land in Britain in 1852. Gowramma's embracing Christanity and acquiring a Western education, as a ruse to secure permission to visit England. Queen Victoria was Godmother to Gowramma, Queen Victoria had grand marriage plans of the princess and another exiled royalty Maharaja Duleep Singh of Punjab.Much to the disappointment of the British, Maharaja Duleep Singh was not keen to enter into matrimony with Gowramma.Maharaja Duleep Singh played matchmaker and helped in forming an alliance between the 19 – year – old Gowramma and 50 – year – old Col. John Campbell, who had served in the Army in India.the couple had a child named Edith Victoria Gowramma.Gowramma who succumbed to tuberculosis and died when she was 23 years old.
Lady Login

Lady Login's Recollections about court and camp life are also worth reading as it covers in some detail the guardianship, encounter with Duleep Singh, and marriage of Princess Victoria Gauramma [sic. Gauramina] to Lady Login's brother, John Campbell, and also gives some information on her daughter, Edith Victoria Gauramma Campbell, born in London in 1861 and who became the subject of a court case over guardianship after her father disappeared in mysterious circumstances.
Lady Login's description of this oddly dressed and lonely orphan at the age of 7 or 8 being unable to read or write properly, simply known as "Gip" or "Gipsey" and who never had any friends apart from a page boy, make for poignant reading. She had no idea who Queen Victoria was and their first encounter shows that the Queen was very kind towards her and much enjoyed meeting the guileless child.
Edith Victoria married Henry Edward Yardley in Kent in 1882.

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  2. Hey, thanks for adding me to your blog list. The sad bit about this part of history, is that Gowramma was rejected by Duleep Singh, after he met her father, the Maharaja, who thought was "black", and he would then have "black" babies

  3. Good job !! You have to upload some folk music , dudipaat and other stuff too ...

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the posts here. Since we own a coffee estate in Suntikoppa by the name of Horoor, Im trying to gather as much information as possible. This blog is valuable for that. Thanks a lot

  5. sairam says:

    This Trend of Being a godmother to all those royals who were exiled and then flushed to britain was a poltical move to westernise only those whose prescence posed a threat to the british empire was carefully and tactfully done by Queen victora and her then prime minister to neutralise any future threats...
    Infact its surprising to find that most of the long lost descendents of maharaja duleep singh are now whites,french and some other ditant blood...
    shows a perfect finsih of the game of thrones.....

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