A 1909 map of Southern India, showing, Madras, Mysore, Coorg, and Travancore, as separate territories.

Coorg State was a separate State within Union of India from 1950 to 1956 with Mercara as it's Capital.[1]


Coorg was earlier a small independent kingdom till 1834, which was annexed by British, as a result of Coorg War and the King of Coorg was deposed.[2][3] Coorg as such in 1834 became a separate province of British India. Upon independence of India, as a legacy, it became a province of Union of India.
A map of Republic of India in year 1950, showing boundaries of Coorg State.

Coorg State was formed out of the territory of former Coorg Province, which became a part and parcel of Union of India on 15th August, 1947.
Coorg worked as a Province, till it was created as a Class "C" State, named Coorg State on 26th January, 1950 within Republic of India. Class "C" States were under direct rule of Central Government.[1]

Commissioners of Coorg State

(1) Dewan Bahadur Ketolira Chengappa, became its first Chief Commissioner from 1947 - 1949
(2) C.T. Mudaliar became Chief Commissioner from 1949 - 1950[1]
(3) Kanwar Daya Singh Bedi, Chief Commissioner from 1950 - 1956[1]

Chief Minister

Cheppudira Muthana Poonacha was the first and last Chief Minister of Coorg State from 1950 till 1956.[1]


In 1956, when India's state boundaries were reorganized, it became a district of the then Mysore State[1][4][5]Mysore State was later renamed as Karnataka, as the historical region of Coorg, now forms the part of Kodagu district of Karnataka.

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