A Kodava wedding is perhaps the only Hindu wedding ceremony, where the rituals are conducted without a priest and there is no puja; and where alcohol and meat is always served. The groom claims his bride after a member of his clan has killed mock banana trunk soldiers after which the elders bless the newly married couple.  The food is brilliant non-vegetarian fare, and there is a lot of dancing.” Shooting a Kodava wedding is a different experience altogether; “Its a fun and happy ceremony and very regal- the clothes worn by the clan are an expression of the regal status. There will never be a person who turns and awaits to be photographed. It is so personal. People only want to bless the couple.”

The groom wears a white kupya (robe) with a chele (sash) and a churidar. The white brocade turban imparts a majestic look

The bride wears a red silk sari with dots draped in the signature Coorgi style. Teamed with a red long-sleeved blouse and a red veil that covers her head. The sari is handed down as an heirloom

Gold jewellery is worn on the hair, ears, wrists, fingers and neck. Silver jewellery for the feet and a jasmine garland complete the look

They worship their ancestors and therefore there is no priest. After the honour of cutting the banana plant stems, an elder guides the families through some rituals. The rest of the ceremony is family and friends blessing the couple with rice

A land of chivalry and pride, a life of solitary splendour, rich food and spices

If the men are known to be very strong, Coorg women are known for their beauty and confidence

Photographs courtesy- www.markswaroop.com

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    you don't need to post this comment, but i would request that we ref to ourselves as Coorgs or Kodavas and not Coorgis. Also, the Coorg customs are not Hindu at all.

    this is a brilliant blog. i wish it were better advertised so that more know of it. i wish u all the best with it.

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